Our Bells

We have 10 bells, the heaviest of which is over a ton.  They are the only peal of bells hung for traditional English Change Ringing within the London Borough of Newham. The current peal of bells is a modern installation dating from 1978.

There were 6 bells here prior to 1737, when they were recast and augmented to 8.  Later they were further augmented to 10 bells.  In 1978 the old peal of 10 were recast and hung in a modern frame.

The details of our current bells are below:-

15-0-10G1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
25-0-12F1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
35-2-3Eb1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
45-3-11D1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
56-3-15C1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
68-0-6Bb1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
710-1-26Ab1958John Taylor & Co
813-0-6G1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
917-0-6F1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd
1026-1-23Eb1978John Taylor & Co (Bellfounders) Ltd

One of our current bells being installed in 1978.